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Greg McColl - Mental skills and mind coaching in motorsport, and motorsport psychology

The Missing Skill – Motorsport Mind Coach

For more than 10 years I have also specialised in working in the field of motorsport as a motorsport & racing mental skills performance development coach or 'racing mind coach' in both car and motorcycle racing.

Working with both drivers and riders at all levels and all stages of their careers on their motorsport & racing 'psychology' and helping them improve and master their mental skills.

Drivers and riders maximise their potentials by training hard, physical preparation in the gym.

They hone their driving and riding skills in testing and in the simulators and by analysing telemetry and data.

However, training and tuning their mental skills is often forgotten,developing their racing mental skills or racing 'psychology' of their motorsport can be the missing element and make the difference between success or average performance.

Being Calm, Relaxed and Confident

Being able to relax, concentrate and focus fully is the key to being confident and performing consistently at the top.

What top psychology professor Mihaly Csikszentmihaly described as being in a "flow" state.

Learning the tools and skills to quieten "the monkey mind", and focus on the present moment, focus on the process of riding or driving is the key to mental performance.

As a motorsport mind coach I teach and train drivers and riders the "tools" they can use to master these skills, and help support racers throughout the season, both on and off the track.

I integrates my own skills, experience and knowledge with decades of experience & knowledge in motorsport from my mentor Don Macpherson. I help racers deal with issues ranging from confidence and self-belief to sleep problems and performance anxiety, to enhanced visualisation, focus and concentration.

Mental Skills Coaching and Support

I provide personal sessions and supporting mp3 recordings to maximise the potential, to help drivers and riders in all types of motorsport tune their minds, just as they tune their bodies and machines.

Mental skills coaching can help a driver or rider get over a specific mental block or issue, or it can be whole season support as part of their development, knowing that there is always room for improvement and development no matter how long someone has been in their sport.

As a motorsport mind coach, I work with all members of teams not only the drivers and riders, but also pit and support crew and factory personnel, all the way to team mangers and team owners.

At times they all need and benefit from assistance and support in improving their mental skills, or help dealing with mental challenges.

I teach and coach mental skills appropriate and relevant to the individual’s particular challenge, these can include:

  • Teaching skills to improve concentration & focus
  • Teaching proper relaxation and calm
  • Dealing with emotional issues, i.e. performance anxiety, anger management, stress and anxiety management
  • Improving motivation and drive
  • Effective Goal Setting
  • Improving performance through proper mental rehearsal and visualisation

Drivers, riders and teams at the pinnacle of their sports, have used these mental skills “tuning their minds" to gain that extra edge to help them compete and succeed at the top levels.

Dedicated motorsport site: motorsportmind

I specialise in working with drivers riders and teams in helping them develop, enhance and improve their mental skills and "racing psychology".

The mental aspects of racing and performance are often talked about and quoted.

All the great racers acknowledge it was never their physical fitness that had the biggest impact on their racing, but their mental fitness.

You can find out more about why mental skills development and motorsport mind coaching is so important to a driver, rider and even team's performance at my dedicated motorsport site.

For more details visit my dedicated motorsport site:

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