Improve your Mind, Improve your Performance

brain-info.jpgImprove your mind, improve your performance, your mood, and with me, mental skills and mind coach Greg McColl.

I can help you get the results and make the changes you want in your life.

I can help you learn how to think differently about things in your life, things  that may prevent you from getting the results you want or from feeling how you want to feel.

I am based just outside Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and is a Certified and Accredited NLP Master Practitioner Coach, a Mindfulness coach and Qualified Accredited Hypnotherapist.

I can teach and guide you to the results you want.

I use solution based thinking, tools and strategies to help people move past their "stuckness" and problem thinking.

Finding Solutions

brain icon.pngSpecialising in mental skills coaching and mental performance development in sport and motorsport. Understanding the psychology of motorsport and racers.

Improving individuals Concentration, Stress management, Sleep, dealing with Anxiety, building resilience and even Business Performance,

Other areas include Anger Management, Mindfulness, Belief Changes, Life Coaching, Goal Setting, Phobias.

At times in our life we all can experience events, situations, emotions and feelings that stop us or hinder us from making progress, moving on, getting the life or results we want.

I can help you find direction and and help you clear these obstacles that can sometimes prevent us getting the most out of ourselves.

Mental Skills Coaching

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Mental Skills Coaching is an effective technique to eliminate the barriers and obstacles which prevent us from achieving our goals. Today we can be over trained physically, technically, educationally but most of us are under trained and under prepared mentally.

The mind should be used in harmony with and "exercised" as much as the body.

Whether it's personal or work related issues, understanding how your mind is working and applying the correct techniques and skills, can help you make the changes you want.

Specialising in sports and motorsport performance, anxiety, stress, sleep problems, phobias, mental resilience, business performance, confidence, changing self limiting beliefs, anger management can all benefit from learning how to manage your mind better.

Working with the Mind, Working with Me

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Having worked successfully with people from all walks of life – professional sports people, business executives, small business owners, private individuals and those with life-altering health conditions – I have helped them manage to achieve optimum performance and bring about positive change.

I use my skills drawn from NLP, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, and also uses methodologies and strategies, developed and created by top mind coach Don Macpherson.

Personal Commitment and Attention

I limit the number of clients I have at any one time, to make sure that when I work with you, you get the best attention and best results for you. Call me today on 01242-898404 to discuss how coaching can help you.

Interested in working with Me?

If you're interested in working with me, contact me for an informal chat, to see how I can help.