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About me

I am a  Coach, Trainer, Therapist , Author and Hypnotherapist, helping and supporting people in making changes and getting more of what they want.

I am a NLP Master Practitioner Coach, Mindfulness Coach and a Certified and Accredited Hypnotherapist.

I also hold as a diploma in Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Techniques for Stress Management in Business, and have been helping and coaching clients as a coach and hypnotherapist since 2014.

Trust me! I will boost your communication skills.
Get on the path to financial freedom.

How Coaching with Me Can Help You...


Figure out your values and align your life to them.


Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.


Get over fears and change your habits, beliefs and your mind.


Breathe, relax, and become content with your world.

Find Your Solutions

I can help you improve your Confidence, Manage Change, Improve your Focus or Concentration, Stress management, Sleep, Dealing with Anxiety, building resilience and Business Performance.

Other issues I help people with include Anger Management, Mindfulness, Belief Changes, Life Coaching, Goal Setting, Phobias.

I can help you find direction and and help you clear these obstacles that can sometimes prevent us getting the most out of ourselves.

Coaching is a supportive conversation to help you move towards what you want.

Build Your Resilience with Coaching

 Coaching is an effective way to manage the barriers and obstacles which prevent us from achieving our goals. Today we can be overwhelmed physically, technically, emotionally but most of us are under trained and under prepared mentally to deal with these challenges. Whether it's personal or work related issues, understanding how your mind is working and applying the correct techniques and skills, can help you make the changes you want.

Specialising in helping people Change Self Limiting Beliefs, Deal with Anxiety & Stress, Eliminate Sleep Problems, Remove Phobias, Increase Mental Resilience, Improve Business Performance, Increase Confidence, Dealing with anger management I can help you by showing you & teaching you how to manage your mind better.

Make the Changes You Want

Having worked successfully with people from all walks of life – individuals, business executives, entrepreneurs, small business owners,professional sports people, motorsport drivers & teams, and also those with life-altering health conditions – I have helped them manage to achieve optimum performance and bring about positive change.

I use my skills drawn from NLP, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, and also use many other methodologies and strategies, developed and created by other top therapists & coaches.

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Personal Commitment and Attention

I limit the number of clients I have at any one time, to make sure that when I work with you, you get the best attention and best results for you.

Call me today on +44 07537 121887  to discuss how coaching can help you

If you're interested in working with me, contact me for an informal chat, to see how I can help.


Improve Your Life - Improve Your Mind

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