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Understanding, Managing and Moving Past Stress & Anxiety

The Bucket, The Car, The Bubble and Bus

The Bucket, The Car, The Bubble and Bus is my new book.

The book takes the essence of my experience with my clients and explores the model of how we experience and how we "do" stress and anxiety, that I have discovered is fairly universal to all my clients.

The book covers and explores stress and anxiety. The physiology, the neurology and how we experience "stress states".

Throughout the book are exercises and tips taken straight from my sessions to help people, understand what they are experiencing and help them realise that they don't need to be passengers in their own life. They can drive their own bus and decide which direction to go in.

What's in the book...


Understand and Recognise how and what generates "Stress States'


How to overcome the "Stress State" and find some "thinking space"


Get over fears and realise you can change your automatic behaviours or habits.


Discover the tools used by top professionals to find their calm, build their resilience and change their "state"

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