Frequently Asked Questions

Answering some of the most frequently asked questions...

Purchases & Refunds

Your initial coaching session is £250. This is the price for a "session" the session may last 90 minutes(generally the minimum) or it may be 2 hours or even longer sometimes. The point is it's about you getting results not time, and you making progress and moving forwards. When we reach point in a session where you have "enough to go on or to work on" then that's how long a session is.
Sorry. No refunds. In coaching sessions, you are paying for my time.
Sorry. There's no "free taster session" however I always like to spend some time having an initial call (15-20 mins) with clients answering any questions they may have and making sure we're a "good fit" to work together and that coaching with me is going to be helpful for them.

Making Courses

I've no idea !!! While I coach and support, change and action is down to you. I want you to be making changes and gaining traction to get the progress you want as quickly as possible. So the more proactive you are the fewer sessions. Everybody's different some people only need 1 session. Some people a couple of sessions to start making those changes. Others like to maintain a regular schedule perhaps monthly to work on new challenges that crop up, explore ideas and possibilities and review progress. Bottom line is how many sessions you need or want is up to you.
Contact me via email or use thecontact page to send me a message and I'll remove all your details and information.
Yes I do. It's always good to have some continuity so you can save on bundles of 3 or more sessions. See the booking page for more details.
Coaching is about finding ways forward and taking action to change your current state and situation. Coaching helps understand and clarify, what you want and helps you develop strategies and plans to get the changes you want. The actual "nuts and bolts" of change and the "doing" of change is down to the individual but with the right coaching and support change can happen quickly, but the speed of change and results is in the control of the client.

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