How I can help you

I help those who would like:

  • Mental Skills Development and Performance coaching
  • Stress Management
  • To change how they feel
  • Assistance in achieving their goals.
  • Mental skills and life coaching
and I'm experienced with helping those with issues such as:
  • Anxieties
  • Lack of confidence or Self Confidence.
  • Sleep problems
  • Migraine
  • Phobias

Using the tools and techniques below, I help people get the mental change they want and the life they want.

I use a collaborative approach, it's a "do with", not "do to" way of working.

I work with clients to help them use and maximise their resources.


  • Listening & discussion
  • Using guided meditation techniques,
  • Personal recordings
  • Bio-feedback technology,
  • Heart Rate Variability monitoring
  • Mental Assessments
  • A wealth of performance improvement, belief change and  mental techniques

I can help you deal with the real causes of mental performance issues.

Usually in 1 : 1 sessions or even in small groups, I utilise my experience and knowledge in helping people to relieve anxieties, change their thinking, teach them how to focus and improve their concentration whilst remaining calm and relaxed.

What happens in Sessions?

Sessions are between 90 minutes and as long as 3 hours.

Initially, the first session will be exploratory, to see if I can help, what the issues are and whether or not you, the client, are also happy and comfortable to work with me.

With an understanding of what outcomes are needed, further sessions will consist of reviews of previous sessions, ongoing discussion as well as teaching skills, tools and techniques to help the client change their thinking and deal with the issues that face them.

Further sessions are usually 2 weeks apart, with ongoing support being provided as required.

Find out more below, about the tools, techniques and methods I use to help:


Brain Tuning & Performance Coaching

brain icon.pngWith his work in motorsport Don Macpherson, popularised the term "Brain Tuning" to describe best, what he does.

I also use Don's concept of "brain tuning" to help people in high stress, high concentration, high performance environments, perform at their peak. By quietening the "monkey mind" and increasing focus & concentration, reducing stress and aided by specific breathing and visualising techniques, the mind can function unimpeded by the "chattering monkey."

Coaching, Mentoring

Brain icon green.png

Coaching, mentoring and the above performance coaching all have goals in mind.

It is a forward looking, solution based approach, that focuses on getting results, overcoming hurdles and maximising potential.

Everyone has different motivations and drivers that push them forward.

Recognising and maximising these, I help my clients achieve, and get the results they want.

NLP & NLP Therapy

brain icon purple.pngNeuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, came about after the methodologies of great therapists were analysed and then modelled to distill down the details of how they got great results.

Almost 40 years later NLP is continually updated and revised, with new methodologies and frameworks being developed all the time, while retaining the core idea.

NLP offers structures, tools and techniques to help people get the outcome they want. To think better and to increase their options.

These techniques can be used for therapy, anxieties, phobias, and changing limiting thoughts and beliefs, as well as goal setting and performance enhancement, and improvements in life, sports, and business.

As a Certified and Accredited NLP Practitioner and Practitioner Coach, I can help people, access the resources they have and teach them how to improve their thinking and choices.


brain icon yellow.pngMindfulness, is a way of being. Another tool to "quieten the monkey in our mind".

Mindfulness, is not a "spiritual" practice, although it can be for those who want it.

Rather, it is a way of being that allows you to "jump off" the merry go round of thoughts in your head and be more passive, less judgmental about your thoughts.

Learning to be mindful can help, reduce the chatter in your head and lead to greater sense of wellbeing, calm and relaxed focus.

Coupled with other tools and techniques it can be used to help reduce the effects of stress, anxiety and depression.

I hold a diploma in Mindfulness and can teach clients to be more mindful and enjoy the benefits that being more mindful brings.

I am currently also studying for another diploma in mCBT, or mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy..


brain icon orange.pngThe word "hypnosis" conjures up all sorts of pictures and associations with people.

It's not sleep.

You can't be made to do things you otherwise wouldn't do normally.

It's not "voodoo". It is a state of calm, focused relaxation.

At it's core however, all it is, is communication with your subconscious.

Wathching a movie and not realising 3 hours have passed. That's a type of hypnosis.

Driving on a journey and not remembering it, but arriving at your destination. That's a type hypnosis.

It's just the automatic, non-conscious things we think and do, all done by the subconscious, and hypnosis, is one way of talking to the "you of you".

The subconscious mind filters, responds and reacts to everything you experience before any of those experiences are passed on to your conscious mind for you to hear, see, feel, taste etc.

Your subconscious mind can be your greatest asset as well as your hindrance.

Old ways of thinking that no longer serve the purpose they once did, emotional events of the past that still affect you today, can be found in the subconscious.

However the subconscious is also a genius and can be shown new, better, more resourceful ways of thinking.

As a Qualified, Certified and Accredited Hypnotherapist I can, where suitable, use hypnosis to help clients access the resources they need or the change they want with the help of their subconscious.

Mental Skills & Life Coaching

brain icon lt grey.pngLots of people in their life could do with a coach. A manager, a cheerleader for "you".

Someone who'll listen to you, someone who'll help you get what you want.

  • Small goals big goals.
  • Fitness goals
  • lifestyle goals
  • financial goals
  • career or business goals.

Life coaching is there to help you.

Life coaching helps you get and keep momentum, but also keeps you accountable.

Strategies and plans, helping you understand what's important to you and help you get more of what you want, and helping you discover what you want, is all part of life coaching.

HRV - Heart Rate Variability

brain icon red.pngHeart Rate Variability is the difference in time between each heart beat.

"Reduced HRV has been shown to be a predictor of mortality after myocardial infarction   A range of other outcomes/conditions may also be associated with modified (usually lower) HRV, including congestive heart failure, diabetic neuropathy, depression, post-cardiac transplant, susceptibility to SIDS and poor survival in premature babies ."

The greater the difference, the increase in variability.

Heart Beat Variability, is used in sports science, and studies show that HRV biofeedback lowers the anxiety and thus there seems to be a potential association between HRV biofeedback and performance optimization.

I use HRV monitoring and training in sessions to demonstrate the benefical effects of the tools and techniques he uses and to teach people proper breathing.

Brain & Mental Assessment

brain icon pink.pngAssessing and benchmarking mental and emotional abilities and states can be very useful for assessing progress and helping clients continue to practice what they have learned, train their minds in between sessions.

Where suitable, I can utilise online tools to help monitor and maintain progress.

Also where required using the same EEG measurement, and concentration/relaxation training exercises as used by Dr Riccardo Ceccarelli, from Italian sports medicine clinic 'Formula Medicine', as seen recently on BBC F1 coverage.

A client is given an online account and after initial assessment is given tasks and "games" to do in focused areas; emotional, leadership, focus, relaxation.

Guided Meditation & Breathing

brain icon black.pngLearning to breathe properly, is a very effective way of reducing mental stress, emotional stress and physical stress.

I teach clients how to breathe "properly" for best effect. This has benefits with anxiety, stress as well as calming an "over-revving" mind and body.

Coupled with guided meditation, I can help people how to relax and reduce their stress responses in certain situations or for general practice to achieve a lower stress level by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

When required I also provide custom recordings, for the individual to help them with their practice or to help with specific requests or situations the client requires.